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Expedited Shipping Information

By the way, we're currently using UPS. We frequently get calls asking what it will cost for express shipping. Well, stretcher bars aren't like most pre-boxed products, they are a mix and match system that has millions of variables. So,... we need to collect your order, pack it, then measure the dimensions and weight before we can obtain express quotes.

Now, this is important, you must to let us know in the "Comment" box at checkout that you require Express delivery. You also need to give us contact information so we can call you with the quotes if you need an okay. If we don't get authority to ship and charge your account for the service, we won't send the package, which is exactly what you don't want! So, please, be available for the call.

If you state in your "Comments" to go ahead and ship it overnight, 2nd day or express saver, then we will take that as the authority and won't need to call for an okay.

If any of this leaves you scratching your head, let us know and we'll help you out. We'll also make changes to this message, thanks to your input.