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3/4" Premium Bars
3/4" Premium Bars

3/4" deep x 1 5/8" width
These are premium pine bars or strips, used by discerning artists and framers.
IMPORTANT: These high grade, custom bars are not interchangeable with our standard 3/4" bars.

Note: While these bars are known as 3/4" bars, they are actually 11/16" in width, 1/16" less than 3/4."
We recommend using cross braces on bars over 34"
As a reminder, all bars are sold in units of one, not in pairs.
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Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
3-4-Prem-11 11" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-14 14" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-16 16" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-24 24" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-30 30" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-36 36" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-40 40" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-48 48" Premium 3/4"
3-4-Prem-60 60" Premium 3/4"
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Addtional Information:
Our custom cut pine bars are made from a higher grade of pine than our standard bars. Please, note, that they aren't interchangeable with our standard 3/4" bars.

What we like about our custom bars is the slightly raised round-over of the bar's face edge. Raised, rounded edges (as opposed to sharp, flat edges) greatly reduce the friction of stretching, allowing for a tighter, more even canvas face, while reducing the stress placed on the canvas and the person doing the stretching. The raised edge has two other benefits. They lift the canvas away from contact with the wood, and allow a slight "fudge factor" for gallery wraps that have a sharp transition between the face image and its side. The 1 5/8" width of the bar certainly helps to withstand bowing from taught stretching, but don't overlook using cross braces. Consider using them on bars over 34 inches. As a reminder, all bars are sold in units of one, not in pairs.

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