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LIGHT DUTY BAR 5/8" (Lightweight) Deep x 1 3/16" Width:

These bars are perfect for smaller paintings or giclee prints that won't gain any benefit from a thicker bar. They have a rounded edge that relieves the stress on the canvas. This reduces rips and cracking of the canvas because, unlike bars with sharp edges, there is less tension exerted by a rounded edge. For bars over 30," we recommend using braces to maintain frame integrity.

STANDARD DUTY STRETCHER BAR (Standard) 3/4" Deep x 1 5/8" Wide:

The most widely used stretcher bar, they have a raised, rounded-over edge that helps reduce friction and creates a much more even, tight stretch. In addition to evenly distributing the tension more than sharp edges, the eased edges allow a "fudge factor" for gallery wraps. Cross braces are recommended for larger prints, where stretching might create bowing in the wood. These bars are known in the industry as 3/4," however, they are actually 11/16."

MEDIUM/HEAVY DUTY STRETCHER BAR (Goldilocks) 1 1/4" Deep x 1 1/4" Wide:

Goldilock bars are perfect when a deeper stretcher bar is wanted, but the expense of heavier bars is not justified. They are visually close to the 1 1/2" depth of heavy duty stretcher bars, while costing a fraction of the price. Cross braces are recommended with larger canvases or when stretching tightly.

HEAVY DUTY STRETCHER BAR (Midi) 1 1/2" Deep x 1 1/2" Wide:

Midis are much more affordable than the super heavy duty bars while providing an identical 1 1/2" depth. The edges are eased (rounded), providing less resistance and a more even distribution of the stretch and significantly less cracking. We recommend using cross braces when lengths exceed 45 inches.

SUPER HEAVY DUTY STRETCHER (Heavy Duty) BAR 1 1/2" Deep x 2" Wide:

A two inch width, coupled with 1 1/2" depth, make these our strongest bar. Like our other bars, the edges are eased, which helps prevent cracking of the canvas by reducing resistance. You'll get a tighter stretch with less effort. We recommend cross braces for bars over 50 inches"