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Please Note: Oversized stretcher bars over 46" and up, may carry a shipping surcharge. See below.


Shipping is pretty straightforward. We use flat rate, tiered shipping with UPS. Based on how much your subtotal is, you'll pay a low, flat rate no matter where you are in the lower 48.

Shipping & Packing Charges:

$175 to $199.99: $62.95
$200.00 to $299.99: $68.95
$300.00 to $399.99: $83.95
$400.00 to $499.95: $99.95
$500.00 to $599.95: $116.95
$600.00 to $699.95: $133.95
$700.00 to $799.95: $150.95
$800.00 to $899.95: $167.95
$900.00 to $999.95: $184.95
$1000.00 to $1099.95: $201.95
$1100.00 to $1199.95: $218.95
$1200.00 to $1299.95: $235.95
$1300.00 to $1399.95: $252.95
$1400.00 to $1499.95: $269.95
$1500.00 to $1599.95: $286.95
$1600.00 to $1699.95: $303.95
$1700.00 to $1799.95: $320.95
$1800.00 to $1899.95: $337.95
$1900.00 to $1999.95: $354.95
$2000 up costs additional $17 per $100

If you order long stretcher bars that dip into the over-length package charge or if the order is so large that it requires special freight handling, SBW will apply a shipping surcharge set by the carrier. With large shipments, we'll try to find the best method to save you time and money with your shipment.

IMPORTANT: Over-Length Boxes

First of all, if this gets too fuzzy to understand, I totally understand, just call us at 805-528-3322 and we'll bring you up to speed.

What's this surcharge business all about?

UPS and other carriers are only interested in the dimensions of a box. And, when it comes to shipping long boxes, they demand a surcharge, which we have to pass along to you, our client. You may already know about surcharges for oversized dimensions, but it's not quite as simple as thinking of length of a stretcher bar as the dimension that matters when shipping, it's the box it's nestled in.

UPS and other carriers recently (February 2017) made another change that makes a 48" long box subject to overlength surcharges. This is applicable to boxes up to 71 inches. Once the length of a box reaches 72" they charge $25.00. As stated on SBW's website, we reluctantly pass this charge along. Wish we didn't have to, but if we didn't, we would need to raise our prices, and we don't think that makes sense.

At what length stretcher bar do the oversize surcharges kick in?

Stretcher bars that are 46" up to 70" fall into the $15 surcharge range. Why? To protect the mitered corners of the bars, we pad the ends of the box and that, along with the flaps at the end of the box cause the box's dimension to fall into the 60" up to 71" surcharge level. The same is true with the $25 surcharge: bars from 70" to 78" fall into the 72" to 78" range once the padding and cardboard is accounted for. As further explanation, a box might be 47 1/16 inches long, but due to all carrier's dimension rules, we must round up to the next whole number. Ugh, is all I have to say about that! But, don't worry, if the box actually ends up being 47" or slightly less, you won't be charged the surcharge. Clear? :)

If you're still confused, please, give us a call.

Shipping Responsibilities:

Once a package is turned over to a carrier, the responsibility for the package lies in their hands. If there is a claim, we will do our best to help settle the issue. Depending on the cause of the problem it may be resolved quickly or it could be a matter of time. You must retain all packing materials and it is always a good idea to take photos of questionable packages if they seem to have been damaged. It is required that you accept a package even if it is damaged. Sometimes there is less damage than thought and, sometimes we can make adjustments to the product pricing that would be in your favor. Regardless of the situation, we know there is always a solution. Please, communicate your concerns as soon as possible.