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Our Goal

At Stretcher Bar Warehouse our goal is simple, supply the highest quality stretcher bars for the lowest possible price. All of our bars are manufactured to very high quality control standards and all individual bars are inspected prior to shipment, to ensure that you will only receive the finest product possible. We strive to provide our customers with a high quality bar that can produce high quality stretched prints, without breaking the bank.

In addition to providing a high quality bar, Stretcher Bar Warehouse’s staff has extensive knowledge about the industry and can assist you make the right decision for what bar would be ideal for your canvas print. We carry a wide variety of our kiln-dried fir/pine bars and there is sure to be the perfect bar for you.

Whether your print is going in a gallery or making an addition to your home, our stretcher bars let you have a high quality presentation for the lowest price.

Uses of Different Stretcher Bar Sizes

LIGHT DUTY STRETCHER BARS 5/8” Deep x 1 3/16” Width:
5/8" Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
5/8" Full Boxes of Stretcher Bars

These bars are perfect for smaller paintings or giclee prints that won’t gain any benefit from a thicker bar. They have a rounded edge that relieves the stress on the canvas by distributing stress more evenly then a sharp edge. This reduces rips and uneven wear on the canvas because, unlike bars where there are sharp edges, the tension is evenly distributed on all edges of the canvas. When using bars over 30” we recommend that you use cross braces to maintain frame integrity. It is the perfect bar for smaller canvas’s that don’t require the structural integrity of a thicker bar and is much cheaper then the subsequent thicker bars.

MEDIUM DUTY STRETCHER BARS 3/4” Deep x 1 5/8” Wide:
3/4" Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
3/4" Full Boxes of Stretcher Bars

The most widely used stretcher bar, these stretcher bars have raised rounded-over edges that helps reduce friction and creates a much more even, tighter fit. In addition to evenly distributing the tension much more then sharp edges, the rounded edges give a “fudge factor: for gallery wraps and slightly light the canvas away from the wood. Cross braces are recommended for larger prints, where stretching might create bowing in the wood. These bars are known in the industry as 3/4”, however, they are actually 11/16”. These bars work with most frames and provide a more economical choice then heavy duty bars.

1 1/4" Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
1 1/4" Full Boxes of Stretcher Bars

These bars are perfect when a deeper stretcher bar is wanted, but the expense of heavy duty bars is not justifiable. They are very close to the 1 1/2" depth of heavy duty stretcher bars and give almost the same feel, while costing a fraction of the price. They have quite a bit of structural stability but cross braces are recommended with larger canvases or where significant amounts of stress will be placed on it. These bars are perfect for when a substantial side profile is wanted but the wider stretcher bars are too expensive to be practical. These “Goldilocks” stretcher bars are the perfect compromise between the thinner medium duty and thicker heavy duty bars. Visually very close to the 1 1/2” profile of a heavy duty bar, they help give your paintings or canvas prints a notable presence. While the bars are sturdy, they are not as strong as heavy duty bars and will require cross braces sooner. They are a much more economical choice then using heavy duty bars when the primary motivator is the side profile.

HEAVY DUTY MIDI STRETCHER BARS 1 1/2” Deep x 1 1/2” Wide:
1 1/2" Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
1 1/2" Full Boxes of Stretcher Bars

These bars are much more affordable then the super heavy duty bars while providing the 1 1/2” depth. As with all other bars we sell, they are eased providing less resistance and more even stress distribution. Their 3/4” rise makes it nearly impossible for the canvas to come into contact with the inside breadth of the stretcher frame. Although the bars are very strong, we recommend using cross braces when sizes exceed 45”. Environmental factors can cause the wood to bend inwards over the years and using cross braces can help mitigate this. Its structural integrity and depth make it an ideal choice for canvas, unless you need the super heavy duty bars.

1 1/2" x 2" Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
1 1/2" x 2" Full Boxes of Stretcher Bars

Their two inch width, coupled with 1 1/2” depth, make them our structurally strongest bar and incredibly sturdy. Like the other bars, their edges are eased, which helps prevent cracking of the canvas and reduce resistance. Their 3/4” rise makes contact with the stretcher bar frame almost impossible. While they are very strong and do not bend easily, environmental factors can cause the wood to bow inwards in the middle and we recommend cross braces for bars over 50” for this reason.