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Oversize Shipping 46" to 78"
Oversize Shipping 46" to 78"
First of all, if this gets too fuzzy to understand, I totally understand, just call us at 805-528-3322 and we'll bring you up to speed.

What's this surcharge business all about?

UPS and other carriers are only interested in the dimensions of a box. And, when it comes to shipping long boxes, they demand a surcharge, which we have to pass along to you, our client. You may already know about surcharges for oversized dimensions, but it's not quite as simple as thinking of length of a stretcher bar as the dimension that matters when shipping, it's the box it's nestled in.

Note: UPS and other carriers have set 48" boxes as a new oversize limit. When the box that contains your stretcher bars reaches 48 inches, the carrier charges us a $15.00 surcharge for oversize length. Once the length of a box reaches 72" they charge $25.00. As stated on SBW's website, we pass this charge along. Wish we didn't have to, but if we didn't, we would need to raise our prices, and we don't think that makes sense. By the way, this is a one time charge unless you have multiple boxes of the same oversize length, but we try to maximize the efficiency of a package for you.

At what length stretcher bar do the oversize surcharges kick in?

Stretcher bars that are 46" up to 70" fall into the $15 surcharge range. Why? To protect the mitered corners of the bars, we pad the ends of the box and that, along with the flaps at the end of the box cause the box's dimension to fall into the 48" up to 70" surcharge level. The same is true with the $25 surcharge: bars from 71" to 78" fall into the 72" to 78" range once the padding and cardboard is accounted for.

If you're still confused, please, give us a call.

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